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Earon is a teacher, bodyworker, writer, sustainability advocate,
environmental health advocate, student of human consciousness
and culture, father of three and former lawyer.  But first, massage . . .

Massage . . .
 to Heal your Body
to Calm your Mind
and Lift your Spirit

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Earon S. Davis, MPH, LCMT
Massage - Bodywork - Energywork
Evanston, IL

Now, for the rest . . .

New!  "Didgeridoo for Health" Lessons:  Breathwork for those seeking peaceful sleep!

Earon's future book:  Divine Primates:  Hope for Our Stressed-Out Species

Earon's Former Environmental Health Advocacy and MCS Pages

Earon and his three siblings -- "The Sustainability Brothers"

Big, Bald White Guys Who Care About Our Planet:
four very different people and perspectives on saving our world
Brian H. Davis, Earon S. Davis, Geary M. Davis, Wayne S. Davis

Earon's blog on spirituality at Gaia.com

Earon's Quotations Page at Gaia.com
(many have appeared around the world)

Living Earth Television:
A Vision Earon shares with Martha Foster -- A NonProfit Global Public Broadcasting Network

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